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Working with you in confidence, an independent business expert can help you to tackle the more pressing issues that affect your business, some of which may not previously have been apparent to you. You can think of your adviser as your personal mentor and confidant, bringing a wealth of experience and contacts to your organisation.

These days, knowing your business is not enough.  You have to cope with rapidly changing legislation; credit restrictions, volatile markets; rising costs and constant advances in technology.  You need to know how these factors are likely to affect your business and plan for them.
There are several kinds of plan or study that an organisation may require.  Here are some of them.
Marketing Plans
The main purpose of a marketing plan is to set out exactly how an organisation intends to promote its goods and services in order to generate enquiries that lead to orders.  It.can either be a stand-alone document or part of a business plan.  A marketing plan is a prediction and its accuracy will depend upon the experience, knowledge and research that goes into it.  It should be reviewed regularly to find out which parts are working and which are not - and modified accordingly. It is very much a Ëśliving document.

Many businesses simply keep on putting out the same advertisements, in the same media, year after year, without checking which ones are bringing in business and which are not.  This results in wasted money and lost opportunities.  A good, well thought out marketing plan, together with an effective monitoring system, can transform your order book for the better.

Are you using the Internet to market your goods or services?  If not, you are probably missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your sales - but there's a lot more to it than simply having a web site.  You need to know the techniques of Internet marketing.  How about email marketing?  This is possibly the single most cost-effective method of marketing available today - if you do it right.  We are specialists in this field of marketing. 

Operating Plans
An operating plan is usually concerned with the way an organisation works on a day-to-day basis. It can be used to inform stake holders and employees about the way the organisation operates, or intends to operate in the future. It is procedural in nature and based on policies, organisational issues and best practice.

Strategic Development Plans
A strategic development plan looks at where a an organisation would like to be at some point in the future and how to get there from where it is now.  Along the way, it considers the options and opportunities available and provides a reasoned argument for progressing in an appropriate direction.

A strategic development plan will include a financial forecast and take into account the resource implications of developing in the direction indicated. In general, it is only when this plan has been accepted by the stakeholders that they will proceed to the business planning stage. The business plan is a more detailed version of the strategic development plan.
Business Plans
To achieve its aim, a business plan has to be well presented and tailored carefully so that it provides all the information required by its target audience in a clear and well-reasoned manner. If it is to be presented in competition with others, it needs to stand out from the crowd. We have over 35 years' experience of producing successful and realistic business plans for clients and have built up considerable expertise in forecasting and financial modelling.

Working with you and combining word processing, DTP and spreadsheet techniques, we can help you put together a professional plan that will create an excellent impression on your target audience. We can even produce the entire plan for you and present it in both printed and electronic formats.

The service does not end when the business plan is complete. We will be very happy to work with you afterwards to monitor your progress and help you achieve your planned objectives. If you are serious about business planning and forecasting we recommend that you attend our seminar 'Preparing a Business Plan', which will provide you with a good understanding of what is involved.

Feasibility & Viability Studies
What's the difference between a feasibility study and a viability study?  Well, they are closely allied.  Put simply,  a feasibility study examines whether a new project is possible and workable, whereas a viability study looks at whether it is likely to work as intended and to meet its objectives.  It is often the case that both feasibility and viability issues will be considered in the body of one report.

Your Image & Branding 
Whether you manage a large organisation or are self employed, the way you come across to others can have an enormous effect on the success of your operation. Your competitors certainly won't tell you if you have a poor image. We can give you an objective view, identify opportunities for improvement, and help you to put them into practice.  An initial meeting will cost you nothing.
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